243: The Golden Pullet

DISCIPLES and higher: 2 full color artworks, 3 stage 2 works in progress, 3 stage 1 works in progress
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Dear Patrons,

It's been late in the month so I thank you for your patience. There will be some of the best artworks I've done in terms of quality as I continue to push the envelope with the stories as we are about to embark on an expedition into my favorite season of the year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the "Holy or Unholy Trinity" depending on your point of view about these holidays. There will be two more updates coming hard and fast in the next couple of weeks which you won't want to miss.

Bon app├ętit!

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I. THE GOLDEN PULLET (1 color artwork of 2 variations)

As the season changes color from verdant green into autumn fire, so does the pinkish pale into succulent reddish gold. A steady coat of paint of a centuries-old recipe perfected over the years made it such that the bird would remain stunning and shapely as she had been in life.

II. WORKS IN PROGRESS (3 2nd-stage shaded artworks)

The following are works in progress of some very ambitious pieces that are coming in the future. The first is of the contents of a very symbolic and ancient cabinet. The second is of a display designed specifically for the human female form. Note the footwear restraints. The third is what is known as the pinafore-cut, slim and inviting.


Two more works in progress with the first depicting a creative yet outrageous scene of gross necrophilia while the other features an elaborately designed mirror, both of which are coming soon to a Carte du Jour near you!


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