239: Keepers of the Flame

DISCIPLES and higher: 2 full color artworks, 2 black & white sketches
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Dear Patrons,

Here's a pleasant surprise. For the first time in a while, I've uploaded a third post within the month. Hopefully, this can help the site feel more active. As we are at the end of the Summer, I'd like to share some artworks regarding the flames of the barbecue and spit before it becomes not as timely and relevant when fall and the spooky season arrives.

Admittedly, I haven't found myself in the headspace to write little vignettes as  i did months ago, but I hope to begin writing again. I do miss building the world of the Tales of the Vanished, the investigations of the Doe Patrol/Lanternbearers and the goings on of secret societies within. Padding more artworks to the stories such as the MAUSOLEUM, THE CALIPHATE and the LAST DAYS OF WINTER among others, help me feel like the stories are progressing slowly, albeit concurrently, if only in terms of artwork until one day, it would feel fully fleshed out.

To that end, I wish you my valued and dearest patrons, a very healthy bon appétit!

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I. SCENE FROM THE MAUSOLEUM (1 full color artwork)

II. ROAST CLAMDIGGER CUT (1 full color artwork)

IV. WORKS IN PROGRESS (2 various stages of works in progress)

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