236: The Bulls Eye Their Prize

PUBLIC: 1 full color artwork
DISCIPLES and higher: 3 full color artwork, 2 x 2 shaded works in progress artworks + 2 black & white sketches
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Dear Patrons,

I hope this update finds you well. Today's Carte du Jour is a continuation of a theme, namely of the lady's best assets, her delightful sacred cradle, or better known as rump or the pelvis. This is another narrativeless update this time as I build more images to pad the stories in development but you may recognize some of these stories from the CALIPHATE and MAUSOLEUM.

Sometimes I feel the need for my artwork to catch up to the writing. I have a feeling that once I have compiled enough artworks, the immersion period of story building leading to a burst of narrative creativity would follow.

I have another thought, something of a potential for a future poll. I am wondering how many of you are interested in actual physical drawings of my older artworks. I may set up some sort of auction/marketplace for such endeavor in the near future.

Onward to the artwork, bon appétit!

PS: I've fixed the link to the discord at the previous post. If you're having problems logging in, try again. It should work this time.

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II. PLAYING WITH THE MIDI CUT (2 full color artworks)

III. THE FULL MOON RISES (1 full color artwork)

IV. WORKS IN PROGRESS (6 various stages of works in progress)

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