234: Man, Handling

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Dear Patrons,

For those who haven't noticed it yet, I've put up a new poll here since the last update asking if one prefers a full view of the subject or one that involves a bit of "handling". I'm following that up with this update to reflect that trend of this poll since it seems that most of you respond to a bit of "handling":

Which of these artworks would you prefer?

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In the earlier days, I tended to draw subjects in the form of "still life" presented on its own  undisturbed. But more recently, I have begun to work on pieces that involves pairs of hands, cutting, massaging, pinching, touching and et cetera... interacting with Fem. I've experimented with this approach notably with the "Post-Millennial" & "Mausoleum" stories and although this does involve a lot more work hours and planning, this may be a lot more fulfilling ultimately for its flexibility.

Naturally, the view would be more obstructed and I have noticed other artists include a "translucent" perpetrator so that viewers could have an unobstructed view of the subject in matter.

Consider this an interim Update which focuses more on experimentation of the art as I take a brief pause on the storytelling. Bon app├ętit!

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