230: The Column Cut

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Dear Patrons.

For this update, we focus on a certain kind of cut, somewhat unconventional, but yet practical. Armless and headless, we are left with a sculpture akin to an ancient Greek sculpture. The passage of time eventually breaks off the fragile extensions of a marbled work of art, be it the arms, the heads, fingers, toes or even the sexual appendage of the male member.

Thus, one of the more frequent methods of butchering by the participants of the secret dining society is that of a column-like shape of the torso and leg. It is practical, thick and stolid with flesh. The spindly arms are sometimes removed to reduce the nuisance of which the carcass are to be transported, held or hauled. What is left are just the simple, thick and stolid, a shapely column of flesh. Who came up with these ghastly nomenclatures. Had they been written, translated from ancient Greek and passed on in that horrible book, the Arcanum Gastronomica? Whatever the answer, the term have been long since established serving as cryptic code-words for people within this niche and storied group. For those who know, they know. 

Enjoy these smatterings of what we call... the column cut. With and without the hoof.

Bon app├ętit.




Here at the end of the post is where I usually share some sketches but I thought I'd turn things around this time. Continuing on the annual theme of pairs to celebrate '22, here is the completed version. A pair of legs, a pair of heads. A secret underground ritual. A celebration with relics of the most holy or unholy kind. Here's the final complete version of one of the sketches I started (first seen in the aptly numbered Carte du Jour #222)  

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