226: Twos for Tuesday

PUBLIC: 1 sketch artwork
DISCIPLES and higher: 4 colored artworks (including 2 variations of one composition) + 4 black & white inks or sketches (including 2 variations of one composition)
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Dear Patrons.

What an interesting day this is turning out to be for the fans of numerology and symbolisms. 2/22/22 and on a Tuesday, no doubt. Even this Carte du Jour update number has a pair of two's, a pity that I couldn't have timed it better that this update falls on Update #222 instead of #226. But if I were to do that, that would mean I would have to post fewer updates, but I can't do that, can I?

What about this day that makes this special? It is both ominous, and a signal to the time of transitions. Also on this day in astrology, we witness the return of Pluto to the United States. It is a time of Destruction and Rebirth. You know how we love symbolisms and the occult here in this space of dark secrets and evil deeds. The last time this happens (which falls around every 248 years or so). In the United States, the last time this momentous event had happened was in 1776, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A coincidence? Will we see a shift? It seems to be happening if one notices the signs. The Fall of Rome is purported to happen on the time of Pluto's return. Conspiracy theorists in the Doe Patrol and the Lantern Bearer publication are fully aware of this. And who knows what dark machinations of the enigma that is the Cult of Asterion who may push this agenda behind the scenes.

What does this mean but riddles in the dark? A harkening of a new dark age of dark banquets and lavish feasts of the forbidden variety.

To celebrate, here are some apt feasts for the palate and for the eyes. Sacrifices for slaughter, the dark duality of fate. To celebrate the Twos on a Tuesday, we bring together... a feast of pairs. And not just for today. There will be more to come in the future.

Bon app├ętit!



ONE. Under the darkness of the cloudless sky, stars illuminate a horrible scene. The licking flames caress what is a pair of shapely carcasses present as the quarry for those who regard calendarial events as significant in their lifestyle. Deep in the jungles of Central America, a secret society strives to rekindle the horrific rituals of their ancestors, that of the Aztecs, whose barbarism and carnal creativity knows no bounds.


TWO. Finally, the completion of the spit roast, a pair of half-maillots. She is scissoring herself in a macabre display of humiliation. Even worse, the diners bring her pretty little head closer to defile her in the ultimate way. As if to say, come closer, watch how we have used your body. Come closer, and taste. Taste the part you deem most intimate.


THREE. A more modern version of a ritual is being performed today, where the factory is open just for one individual. At any other time with thousands of such facilities like this and many more millions of souls, chattel to serve the consumption of humankind are processed, converted and reduced into objects that in the end are a passing afterthought to the oblivious consumer.

But for this one moment, this space is reserved for just one. A special one. Split into two. Then more.


FOUR. The following are sketches on a variation of this theme. Three of them feature a teaser of items presented in its innocent form, two of which are reserved for DISCIPLES for whom the secrets of the preceding image is revealed: those who enjoy the hoof, and those who enjoy without.


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