224: From the Sketchbook into the Maw of Tigers

PUBLIC: 1 color artwork
DISCIPLES and higher: 2 colored & shaded artworks (including 3 variations of one composition) + 4 shaded works in progress + 3 black & white inks or sketches
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Dear Patrons.

As we enter into the year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar, we present you the favorite feast of this ravenous creature, a beast who would eye that pale, pink and soft creature on two hind legs as a most rare and sumptuous delight. A short one still if you will as I continue to recharge my batteries after a challenging past year full of distractions, hopefully this year there will be one that can have one think of that creeping darkness as a cozy companion more than that as the uncomfortable shadow that stands at the doorway lurking and observing.

Ah but perhaps that is what you desire anyway. Nonetheless, a bit of a detour still from the usual Tales of the Vanished, this one's more of a fantastical approach, featuring a "cartoon/anime" style revisitation of a past commission I decided to dig up from the grave and see it through to its completion. I hope the fans of this style would enjoy this update.

Along with 2 other colored artworks, I also have some works in progress, four of them in shaded mid-stage and three in initial sketch stage. All of this round up to what I think is a very bounteous update! I hope my fellow patrons will enjoy this update to make up for one that is posted late into the new month, for that, I thank you for sticking with me. My thoughts are with you always and I always hope to maintain the quality no matter the cost!

Bon app├ętit!



Presenting the featured piece. I have forgotten of which franchise this has been adapted from that commission from ages past, but no matter, I saw this one sitting on my sketchpad unfinished and though, why not just dust this one off and send it to the archives. So here we are, a splayed out feast, two horned but adorable demon ladies dining on a delightful young quarry. I like how the colors turned out from this one. Happy accidents.


The second here (free for guests) is a planned piece I had done in relation of a larger piece which will one day feature on the site once I can dust it off from my sketchbook once again. A pretty girl's head is being admired such is the case with most trophies. But rest assured, the layout (once I can get it going) is quite ambitious and rather elaborate. Thanks for all who wait eagerly. I may post an unfinished version of the sketch soon.



The third is a stand-alone piece that I haven't attached to any one particular story yet. Another dust-off-the-sketchbook-and-archive sort of pieces. A slim piece made even slimmer by cutting the carcass in half lengthwise and roasted to a golden brown. Perfection.



The remaining are works in progress, developments of sketches I've done in the past or fresh sketches of upcoming projects.


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