223: The Gathering Storm

PUBLIC: 1 color artwork
ACOLYTES and higher: 4 artworks (2 color + 2 b/w)
DISCIPLES and higher: 5 artworks (1 color + 4 b/w + 1 work in progress)
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Dear Patrons,

Welcome to the 1st ACOLYTE level post of the new year. There are some changes afoot, one of which is the Hiccears Platform. To celebrate the change, I've added Archive 9: Revisiting the Past there which sees some of my earliest works for the uninitiated. Hopefully with this new layout, it makes it easier for me to upload collections in the future.

There's been a lot of changes lately on the back end which takes me away from the creative aspects with the stories. Hopefully, later in the year, I'll get back into the cozy-corneresque groove of storytelling and expanding the world of the mysterious dining club and cannibal conspiracies! But at least what shouldn't suffer would be the art presented at this site.

On to the show & bon appétit!



Revisiting a scene from the ongoing story, The Mausoleum, The Green Man seduces a victim at the heart of urbanity, at the center of the unwitting throng in a city somewhere in Germany, where families and lovers enjoy the festivities of winter, drinking Glühwein among the Christmas lights.

He romances the woman, akin to stalking, waiting for the wine to mature, for the flower to blossom, in the end, the taste would be divine. He builds her history in this apartment. Mementoes of her personality and past, and when the moment arises, he strikes.

Her fear would be delicious, the throng outside oblivious.

And for the next few weeks, the Green Man will enjoy the fruits of his labor in full view of the oblivious crowd below.

There is a sense of sexual power with this, to hunt and conquer and ultimately devour.




The following are a selection of choice cuts for your dining pleasure. The first option is what we call, the "Half Tailleur" Cut, with staggered slices along the midriff. When removed, these sliced pieces form the portions known as the "Corset Cut".

The next piece feature what we call the "Romper Cut" before the preparation. The butcher may take as long as he can to inspect and test the malleability of the flesh. We would not put it against him if one enjoys the task as we know how irresistible the moment is for one with these forbidden temptations.





The following are an assortment of black & white sketches of future projects. One of rump, wet, soupy and dripping with sauces. One of a full body, the Tailleur Cut whole as the trophied crown bears witness, another of a Half-Tailler Cut, hoofless and prepared for a very tropical feast, an oriental dish of a portion called the Cradle Cut to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year festivities, an anime-style work which began as a commission that may one day be completed in color time willing, and finally, a presentation of an assortment of deli cuts with the piece-de-resistance called the Pantalon Cut.

And with all this, we hope you enjoy your dining experience.

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