222: Putting Two and Two Together

PUBLIC: 1 artwork
DISCIPLES and higher: 5 colored & shaded artworks (including 3 variations of one composition) + 7 black & white inks or sketches (including 1 variation of a fully colored artwork)
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Dear Patrons.

Welcome to DISCIPLE level update #222 in the Year 2022. I had a differently themed updated planned for the new year but then, it occurred to me with this rather interesting coincidence of numbers, which means a delay as I rush to pivot and finish up some aptly themed artwork. I just couldn't let this opportunity come to pass!

And then, an inspiration! To celebrate the entire year of 2022, there will be more updates in store with the theme of "pairs" and "twos" peppered throughout the year.

I have also thought of designs and how it plays into the story. We are not just looking at the shapely delights of the female form and their culinary bounties, but what of the surrounding objects? Of elaborate masks, furniture, ornate dishes and carvings of statues and cabinet doors. Look for more like this in the new year, that is somewhat of a loose resolution I have.

And on to the artwork. Once again, apologies for making one sweat whether I'd put up an update. But rest assured, I am very much alive and inspired. Bon appétit!

PS: The Hiccears site is under construction at the moment as the platform is upgrading so we thank you for your patience. When it is back up, I'll post news on it.



Firstly, let us break into the new year with a ceremony. Like breaking a wine bottle on ship's hull for her maiden voyage. Or the cracking of the Turkey's collar bone to make a wish. So let's ring in 2022 with a splitting of pairs if you will... one that is most audacious and devilish with an act so heinous... it could only warrant a place here at Forbidden Feast!

Secondly, the featured piece of today. You have previously seen an update called Hunter's Cabinettes. This one, I title, the Hunter's Cabinet, which takes the idea a little more literally. A trophy of the evening's prize dish is presented while the shapely carcass is hung dripping its juices onto an ornate pan. Nothing is gone to waste. One can smear a buttered bun with the very feminine roast juices to go with the meat.

To run alongside the theme of pairs, we have a very special prize, and one with an added effort to the design of the "furniture" if you will. I hope the extra detail of embellishments is worth it. With this, I have provided two pairs of varying methods of finish. One in black & white, one in flat Art-Deco style color, and two more in finished shaded color versions, with and without the glass.

And the following are some black & white sketches, concepts and ideas.

Thirdly, while we're on the subject of furniture, we have a game for you. As a tease, we have a designed piece which looks innocent enough. Let us play a game. Guess what would be the way these items would be used. It looks simple enough. Something that looks a little like a book case or one of those minimalist designs one can find in that famous Swedish home furniture store. Scroll all the way to the bottom for the answer (viewable to DISCIPLE members or higher, of course!)!


Fourth, along the theme of pairs, we have a sketched scene idea of a rather macabre bazaar, selling a very peculiar shaped meat to the privileged few who are able to keep secrets. Two pairs of... well... you know. Not to mention, the opportunity to choose how to deal with the pairs, transform one... into two.

Fifth, here are a few more bonus sketches that run along the theme of "pairs", many of which I plan to colorize and touch up in the future.

Sixth, we head southwards, to the land of the Aztecs and their savage rituals. Here's a piece I had laying around for a long time, dusted out because of the apt theme of pairs... and why not touch it up, and have it colored soon enough. The Cannibalistic Aztec rituals are revived in secluded areas in the Central American jungle.

And finally, here's the answer to question number three, revealed! If this is a fun enough endeavour for my fellow patrons, perhaps look to more like this in the future if this gets enough support.

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