221: Color of Death, Color of Feasts

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Dear Patrons,

Another holiday beckons, and isn't it wonderful to have these three major ones in succession (in the American holiday cycle at least), October's Halloween, November's Thanksgiving and December's Christmas, all three conjuring visions of brooding nights, lavish feasts and magic in the air. Thank you for being with us again for another serving of unearthly delights. We have a very red update this occasion to celebrate the air of festivity this Christmas season.

On to the show!




What is it about a blood red wine that evokes sensuality especially when paired with red meat? Is it the color reminiscent of blood and the holy sacrament. Eat of this body, drink of my blood? Why does it go so well with the forbidden flesh? Does it pair well with blood red lips or toenails? I suspect it is more than just the taste, but a matter more esoteric and spiritual.




The Artisan would always find creative ways to highlight the sexuality of the carcass. Aside from his skill as chef, this is another aspect of his immeasurable craft unrivalled to an almostSuspended strings tied in a delicate balance, the ass pointed upwards, the curves accentuated. It is an integral part of the "experience". The sacrifice isn't just mere meat but something more, a memory of the woman she once was. And this is why our guests pay a fortune and risk their reputations for. To feel like Gods. 



The One of the Circle is the perpetual romancer, he loves her even after in death, deconstructed, cold and ready for the flame. He sees and love her not just as a woman, but separate pieces of slender slabs of meat. Her bosom still pliant, her supple rump soft to the touch and ready to bubble with her fats and flavorful juices.





An ancient heirloom made from wood that has seen centuries of empires that rise and fall. It is perpetual. It is a cabinet of horrors, ready for its horrible secrets to be revealed to the one who has given his life and soul for the vision and the cause. Just as the secrets of the organization is revealed to him and as he gains access to their unimaginable powers and influence, so does he give up his freedom. On the right, the Maiden pure of heart and the sacred feminine, the right, the enigmatic Green Man, Pan, the everlasting god of temptation, nature and of ritual rebirth. He stands behind like a revenant. Death will become her, and the fruits of his labor revealed.





A pair of hands massaging the pliable carcass, butchered to specific needs. Here is what the members of the dining society call the Romper Cut, torso, cut at mid-thigh and the shoulders.

A ritualistic presentation display of the doe, trophied head and the objet d'art, the portion known as the Shadbelly Cut.

A work in progress of a hand of the degenerate, violating that sacred part of the dearly departed sacrifice, butchered and presented. Here is what we call the Hoofless Full Seat Cut.


And with that we bid you adieu and bon appétit and a very Merry Christmas.

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