220: Stuffing the Bird

DISCIPLES and higher: 1 colored artworks, 3 colored sketches & 2 black & white sketches.
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Here's a quick and mostly textless update since the previous one with mostly a loose collection of artworks. Even I need a break once in a while. The main feature features a scene to celebrate today's Thanksgiving holiday. Stay well, my fellow diners, and eat well too. Bon appétit!



1. Preparing the Bird, slick with oil and full of stuffing.

2. Here's a work in progress of a piece found in the previous update.

3. A work in progress of a scene from the CALIPHATE comic project, now with some shading and a bit of color.

4. Further work in progress of the HUNTER'S CABINETTES story.

5. Sketch idea of a bondage scene.

6. After the slaughter, the meat is presented for foreplay, before the cooking and eating.


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