217: Games for Those Who Lie Beneath

PUBLIC: 1 color artwork
ACOLYTES and higher: 1 color artwork + 4 b/w sketches
DISCIPLES and higher: 1 color artwork + 1 b/w sketch
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Dear Patrons,

Men in masks. Secret societies. Lavish sets. The divide between the wealthy and powerful and... the chattel. The games. Games of pleasure and the seeking of desires not even money can buy unless one steps into the veneer of the forbidden.

Sounds familiar? This seems to be the premise of a current hit TV show from South Korea. Did they borrow ideas from what we have here, or is it a collective desire unaddressed by righteous minds? No points if anyone can guess but I would gift a silent applause.

Admittedly, I am not in the headspace for stories at the moment as there are distractions everywhere which I must quell. The noise of life is many and sometimes, one yearns for the quiet moments for when the mind wanders and the pen embellishes tales of escape. This update is a little off-season and off-themed as I work to see if I can fit in an All-Hallows-Eve themed update (oh, how original but also very welcome) in the coming days, but seeing the popularity of the Korean show made me dust off some Eastern themed artwork and provide you here with this update.

For disciples especially, I have a special treat. This update features a piece, a commission, that had an investment of my time that's longer than expected and hopefully one you'd appreciate. Think of bazaars and markets and multiple subjects and oh, those what if's, things that could have happened off-screen. It was only briefly alluded to. But that's what I like. Leave it up to the imagination for the devilishly minded to fill in the void.

Bon appétit and have a good spooky month. On to the art.



ONE. (一). 하나.

There is a place unsaid where those who are willing go to disappear. These tortured, lonely and tormented souls with loneliness as their companion find solace in the oblivion. They are castaways from society, Hikikomori, they call them. There is peace in this place, mystery is the lure, and death is the warm embrace. What comes afterwards, they do not care... they only know that their life finally had meaning when it had none years prior.



TWO. 二. 둘. 

There is a market. A hidden market. We could mistake this for something that happened in ages past, during times of famine, or an ancient despot fostering barbaric acts and desires. But what would you say if there is a place behind a facade of civilization, where privileged few who are in the know? Who are part of this society? Whose loyalty is gained through time and whose betrayal would result in death not only for him, but his loved ones? That is the price of the ticket through the doorway of unholy desires.

This seems rather... frivolous, this... abundance... but occasions like this is rare in the history of the Circle. Hence, it is treated like a sacred holiday on an unholy calendar. Make your purchase along with the other masked men desiring similar pieces. Who will take home their prized trophies and choicest of cuts?



BONUS: And as usual, here are the odds and ends of ideas awaiting their full potential. Some are enhancements to past sketches, hopefully this will lead to a direction that will satisfy your palate.


And here's a bonus sketch for DISCIPLE members or higher. Another one of those lavish scenes that's quite time-consuming to compose and execute but as equally fulfilling.



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