208: White Gloves

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Apologies for the wait. Having some housekeeping issues which involves a lot of "spring cleaning". Looking through files, clearing up spaces is a lot more draining than I expected, enough to make me not want to stare at screens for the longest time, but here's the update and in short order, the 1st update for ACOLYTES with new passwords will come after this one. I'll try to catch up as soon as I can.

And on to the artwork!

The first two are a series, touching up on some older works to finish up, color and archive, and these are part of the EL AZTECA storyline that takes place in Central America, a place that do love their Carne Asadas especially those prepared by followers of the Jaguar Cult.

White gloves carve and strip steaming flesh from bone. Recognizable hocks are still attached to the carcass, reminding the cultists of what... or who they are eating. This second piece is rendered in a style I hope that's a little more reminiscent of a still life painting of Classical painters.

The third is an object somewhat recognizable to anatomists. This one's part of the MAUSOLEUM storyline, thanks to a commission by a valued supporter.

The fourth is also a commissioned piece, one that's stand-alone but I have half a mind to add this to the "Vegas Casino" storyline I have in the pipeline. What happens behind secret doors leading to secret rooms within the maze-like labyrinths of these giant buildings that draw all manner of sin like moths to a flame?

The final piece is a sketch of a disidentified pullet, headless, feetless, handless, and what is left, but just the edibles?

Thank you for dining at your establishment as soon, we will resume our regularly scheduled program. Bon app├ętit!

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