205: For the Reticent Hunter (Bonus May 2021 Update)

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We interrupt the regularly scheduled program for me to post a bonus update to all and an apology update for one of my patrons. Due to a lot of matters happening in the past month, I realized too late that I didn't reply to his email before he had left after more than a month of leaving one hanging. The commission was for a particularly well-known Twitch & TikTok social media personality. (points for those who'd recognize her but for reasons I'll leave the name out)

By then, this supporter had left after contributing and the email bounced. I feel quite bad about this, so to make up for it, and not wanting to feel like I've left any supporter of mine wanting, here's the commission request and more work put into this than what was contributed to make up for my oversight. And to the rest of you too who are DISCIPLE members of last month, consider this a bonus update before our regularly scheduled ACOLYTE level update with a new monthly password coming next week.

And to those who had contributed to me at the higher tiers and felt I hadn't replied, please feel free to send me reminder messages through email or otherwise as it's easy for me to forget to manage as I bury myself deep into the artwork as well as other distractions. You are not forgotten!



For disciple members, the "after" depicting a wonderful spread. Choose your cuts and bon appétit!


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