175: Slices of Life

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A Soliloquy from One Who Dines in the Halls of Asterion

Picture a hand holding a pair of meat tongs, holding a slice of flesh with sizzling golden skin and fair and juicy meat and lifting up, when apart from the main anatomy, away from the slender recognizable figure and sleek curves, one could barely recognize its true origin. Where does it come from? Whose sacrifice had it been to manifest this delectable piece of morsel dripping with fat and flavorful juices? What is the difference when one looks at the meat close-up when compared to other meats from any domestic creature that the world so readily consumes without thought, guilt or impulse?

It is the Circle's true purpose in remembering, worshipping, and recognizing the true divinity of the unholy feast of holy sacrifice as a dark tribute to the Lord Asterion, the revenant in Bovine-form, a certain irony formed as retribution for one that is consumed, consumes the supposed master race of the planet. An ancient and mythical deity that is supposed to have been in existence since the dawn of civilization, of Sumeria, then Ancient Greece... the Bull, worshipped as a benevolent figurehead of fertility and virility, but not until the myth of the Minotaur that its true and dark nature is hinted at.

The Cult of Asterion as it is called, persists in many names, operating in secrecy, its bloodline is held sacred in the form of a mysterious family in its current iteration in the 20th and the 21st family, known as the Van Duynes and in lesser form in other well-survived lineages.

Move in close, focus on these little Slices of Life, and forget the bigger picture. Remain ignorant and be cattle. See your pretty young daughters sacrificed for the consumption of a Higher Order, and the world remains oblivious, busy in its own little trivial pursuits, thoughtless consumption, petty conflicts and vapid pleasures, while the Dark Father dines. And you, my friends, my Patrons, Disciples, and loyal Seneschals, are privy to these delicious secrets.

Stay, revel in these forbidden delights. Ponder upon the meaning of life and the morality of the flesh. Bon app├ętit.


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