Index of the Tales of the Vanished

Here lies an alphabetical reference for the Tales of the Vanished series listing known characters, places and events and others as the comic expands for those who feel like they need a bit of introduction to this world. It works much like a shortened wiki page for this expansive storyline spanning decades and in the hopes of enriching your enjoyment of the comic.

Updated 28 January 2018


  • Arras, Agent
    A U.S. federal agent investigating a string of disappearances of young women. Appears in Laurie 1974.
  • Benedictus
    An omnipresent member of the Circle, its spiritual leader and representative from the Vatican. Also the head of the Church of Gynophagia. Appears in Eileen 1976.
  • Canan, Detective
     A police detective secretly working for the Circle. Part of his confessional can be seen in Judy 1978
  • Grigor
     A servant of Aleksei Kokhorov. Appears in Tatiana 2013Arina 2013
  • Hunter, Wynn
    The American representative of the Circle. Entrepreneur billionaire, restaurateur and avid hunter, also known by his nickname 'Big Game'. Owner of the Hunter's Roadhouse restaurant franchise. Appears in Judy 1977 & Marcia 1979
  • K., Mr.
     Japanese national of mysterious origin. Known to be one of the 'fixers' for the CircleAppears in Judy 1977
  • Kokhorov, Aleksei
    The Russian representative of the Circle. His Expansionist ideas to Gynophagia run counter to the Van Dynes' more conservationist approach. Appears in Tatiana 2013 & Arina 2013. Mentioned in Deanna 2011. 
  • Matron, the
    A mysterious Chinese elderly woman and member of the Circle. Appears in Laurie 1974.
  • Maura
    A consort for Lucian van Dyne. Mentioned in Deanna 2011 & Kara 2012.
  • Radenko, Viktor
    The Ukrainian representative of the Circle. Mentioned in Arina 2013.
  • Roux, Gaston
     Recruited by the Circle as their head chef for his seedy past and a constant drive for culinary excellence especially with rarer types of meats. Appears in Crystal 2001 & Deanna 2011.
  • Trommer, Dr. Richard
    An ex-Nazi doctor and member of the Circle before and after World War II. Appears in Renee 1995/1966.
  • Satania
     One of the most decorated of the Lua Mater for the Circle. Mentioned in Crystal 2001. 
  • Shawna
     Lover to Lucian Van Dyne. Appears in Crystal 2001 & Megan 1984. 
  • Van Dyne, Caliban
    Took upon the title of Patriarch after World War II. Son of Victor Van Dyne. Appears in Paula 1949.
  • Van Dyne, Castor
     Caliban's second son. Appears in Eileen 1976.
  • Van Dyne, Cristoph
    Eldest son of Caliban van Dyne. Somewhat reclusive and has a penchant for legs. Appears in Trudie 1978.
  • Van Dyne, Lucian
    Secret heir of the Van Dyne family after Cristoph's disappearance. Stayed hidden and went on a cannibalistic lover's escapade with his lover, Shawna. Appears in Crystal 2001, Deanna 2011, Kara 2012 & Arina 2013.
  • Van Dyne, Victor
    A member of the Van Dyne family. Appears in Ruth 1937.
  • Zepeda, Carlos Anibal
    Mexican representative of the Circle. Drug Lord & gangster who has a penchant for eating the loved ones of his enemies. Appears in Carne Asada/Brooked 1999 & Isabel 1990.


  • Casino Paradiso
     One of the Las Vegas casinos secretly owned by the Circle. Featured in Deanna 2011.
  • Grosse Point
     A large secluded estate in Vermont belonging to the Van Dyne family and site to many of its most heinous activities. Featured in Ruth 1937Paula 1949, Renee 1995/1966, Sheryl 1973.
  • Hunter's Roadhouse
    The restaurant chain owned by American Circle representative Wynn Hunter
  • Museo della Gynophagia
     A secret sanctum & the spiritual heart of the Circle, run by the Black Pope Benedictus in a secret location somewhere in Florence, Italy. Referenced in Sandra, 1997 & Megan 1984.
  • Rarotonga
     One of the Cook Island in the Pacific known to be a frequent place of pilgrimage for the Van Dynes, especially Castor. Mentioned in Trudie, 1978.


  • Circle, the
    The all-encompassing name for the secret organization responsible for the many missing young women and girls around the world. It is a representation of the circle of life, that death begets renewal through sustenance and sacrifice. Depending on the era, the Circle is known by many different names.
  • Epicurean Society
    The incarnation of the Circle after World War II through the 80's.
  • Hellfire Club
    The incarnation of the Circle that formed in the 18th century until the dawn of World War II. Referenced in ???? 1913.
  • Kronos Consortium
    A corporation that seems to have ties to the Circle. Mentioned in Renee 1995/1966.
  • La Vecchia
     A pagan ritual of Northern Italian origin observed by the Circle during Lent, when a victim would be sacrificed, usually an older, wiser woman. Referenced in Sandra 1997.
  • Lua Mater
    The title bestowed upon the winner of a battle for survival among victims of the Circle where the victor would be able to avoid being on the menu. The Lua Mater, as long as she holds the title is treated as a member of the Circle. Mentioned in Crystal 2001.
  • Patriarch
    The title bestowed upon the leader of the Circle. Usually refers to the head of the Van Dyne family.