#94: Beauty of Belarus

The wait is over. Winter, end of 2013, Krasnodar, Russia. In Aleksei Kokhorov's secret estate, Arina, a beautiful Belarussian model had been abducted by the secret Russian branch of the Kronos Consortium and is served in a banquet with the son of his one-time arch-nemesis, Lucian Van Dyne as his guest. This relates to the scene Tatiana's feast in Carte du Jour #88 which had occurred months earlier.

  • Tales of the Vanished: Carne Asada, Summer, 1999, Coahuila, Mexico: Finally, she is slaughtered. (panel 11 &12)
  •  Celebrity Dish du Jour. Dove Cameron in Black & White. She's only half the person she used to be. 
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