#92: The Crimes of Imperialists on the Noble Savages

Thanks for your patience in the Gourmet Club. We have had "complications" with our delivery of our fine meats. That is the nature of this dark business, the trade of fine female flesh. Nonetheless, better late than never. Our dish is served and we promise our next dining appointment after this will arrive sooner than you think. We also will announce the next comic page to be uploaded after next week's dinner will be the winning page in our poll. In the meantime, I've added another poll to continue to make you feel welcome and that your continued support is much appreciated.

Summer, 1978, Rarotonga: 1 full coloured panel with the exploits of Cristoph Van Dyne who proceeds to reverse the Christian teachings by the missionaries of the native islanders, tempting them with the most forbidden of fruit and we all know what that is! 

Summer, 1999, Coahuila, Mexico: The Carne Asada story continues with Carlos "Hannibal" Zepeda and the luckless girl who is about to face a most horrible fate. (panel 7 & 8)

  • Dish du Jour. A black and white close up of a platter scene of a half-eaten beauty.
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